Incentive Programs
Incentive Programs for Jennings County Farmers

The Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA), through the State Soil Conservation Board, has announced that the Jennings County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD), in cooperation with nearby counties, has received approval for a grant to promote soil and water conservation practices with local landowners. ISDA administers the Clean Water Indiana (CWI) grants which are available to SWCDs and emphasize practices that contribute to improving water quality in Indiana's lakes and rivers.

This grant covers all of Jennings, Jackson, Scott, and Jefferson Counties. This grant is set up to promote buffer practices and permanent cover practices such as tree planting or pasture and hayland planting, as well as long-term wildlife plantings. Incentive payments will be made for the following conservation practices: $400 per acre for hardwood tree planting, riparian buffers and bottomland timber planting; $100 per acre for native grass planting, wildlife habitat planting (warm season grasses and shrubs) and filter strip. The incentive program will be similar to Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program which is available in Sand Creek Watershed. Priority will be given to practices that are not enrolled in other cost-share programs, but we do not rule out the possibility of approving payments for practices enrolled in other programs such as the Conservation Reserve Program or the Environmental Quality Incentives Program.

This program is available through 2016 or until available funds are spent. Contact the SWCD office for more information about these grant opportunities.

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