Geo-texile fabric:
Non-woven, meets NRCS specs, great for construction or landscaping. 15 feet wide, sold by the piece or as a whole roll of 300 feet.
$3.50 per lineal foot.
Brillion Seeder:
Rental Fee: $10 per acre,
Minimum of $50
Precision seeding of grass or clover in a prepared seed bed.
10' Great Plains No-Till Drill:
$10 per acre, Minimum of $75
Planting soybeans, small grain, grass or clover without tilling the soil. This drill, new in 2009, has three seed boxes, including a small seeds box and a box specifically designed to plant warm season grasses.
Finn B70TD Strawblower/Mulcher:
Private Landowner Rate:
$100/day (24 hours)

Commercial Rate:
$150/day (24 hours)

The strawblower is ideal for mulching newly seeded areas such as lawns, grassed waterways, pond dams, or any area to be seeded. The strawblower saves time and labor while ensuring a more uniform job of applying mulch.
Flags: 25 FOR $4.00
Flag wires are 36" long.