Recycling in Jennings County

The Jennings County Recycling Center is located at 4800 N State Highway 3, behind the county highway garage next to the fair grounds.

It is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturday from 8:00 AM to 4 PM. Contact the center by calling 812-352-0800.

Items accepted:
Aluminum cans
Car batteries
Household batteries (no alkaline batteries)
Glass bottles and jars
Lead and oil-based paints
Newspapers - bundled
Plastic bottles
Jugs #1, #2
Scrap metal
Scrap paper
Shredded paper
Used anti-freeze
Used oil--5-gallon limit
Used oil filters

Items accepted with fee:
Appliances - no charge for washers, dryers or dishwashers
Refrigerators - $10 (center will remove freon)
Couches, mattresses, recliners, etc. $8
Household trash $1 for each 34 gallon bag
Tires - $1 each

For more information, visit the Southeastern Indiana Recycling District website.

As a convenience to Jennings County residents, the SWCD office, located in the USDA Service Center at 2600 N State Highway 7, has containers where you can leave household batteries as well as thermometers and thermostats which contain mercury. As of October, 2008, alkaline batteries are no longer recycled by most recycling centers. However, the SWCD has located a recycling center that will take them and we will accept them at the USDA Service Center and arrange to have them recycled. Consumers are encouraged to use rechargeable batteries which have a much longer life and can be recycled. The best of these are the new low self-discharge rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries which can be used like alkaline batteries for most purposes.