Recycling in Jennings County

The Jennings County Recycling Center is located at 4800 N State Highway 3, behind the county highway garage next to the fair grounds.

It is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturday from 8:00 AM to 4 PM. Contact the center by calling 812-352-0800.

Items accepted:
Aluminum cans
Car batteries
Household batteries (no alkaline batteries)
Glass bottles and jars
Lead and oil-based paints
Newspapers - bundled
Plastic bottles
Jugs #1, #2
Scrap metal
Scrap paper
Shredded paper
Used anti-freeze
Used oil--5-gallon limit
Used oil filters

Items accepted with fee:
Trash Bag: 13 gallon $0.50 per bag - Larger than 13 gallon $1.00 per bag
Recliners, Sitting chairs (Living room): $4.00 per item
Sofas/Loveseats: $8.00 per item
Sofas/Sectionals: $8.00 (standard size) per item
Recliner/Ottoman: $4.00 per item
Mattresses/Box Spring: Twin or smaller $4.00 per item - Full Size or Larger $8.00 per item
Refrigerants: $15.00 per item
Dishwashers/Toilets: $4.00 per item
Tires: Pricing varies from sizing, with rim, without rim
Screened Electronics (TV, Monitors, Laptops, Notebooks, etc.): $15.00 per item
Loose Debris (un-bagged trash): Estimated at $20.00 level pickup truck load NOT including screened electronics, tires, refrigerants, mattresses, sofas, or sectional sofas

For more information, visit the Southeastern Indiana Recycling District website.